High Level Palletizers

Columbia provides industry-leading safety, flexibility and performance in their high level series of palletizers; HL2000, SP4000 and HL6200. All models include Columbia's industry-leading Category 3 safety package, are available in endless layout configurations and speeds up to 120 cases per minute. Columbia's high level series can easily fit into your work flow and handle both current and future package types.

High Level. Low Cost. Small Footprint.

Palletizing 20 or more cases per minute, the HL2000 is a high-quality choice for budget-minded operations. Featuring a small footprint and soft product handling, it’s ideal for multiple-line layouts that require dedicated machines.


HL2000 Montage

Watch the HL2000 stacking a variety of case sizes.

HL2000 Montage of Trays

Watch the HL2000 stacking a variety of trays with and without film.

HL2000 Stacking Small Cases

Watch the HL2000 stack small cases in a 28 case pattern.

Mid Speed. Compact Footprint.

The SP4000 is capable of forming patterns with gaps in both directions using a bi-parting stripper apron. Combined with Columbia’s state-of-the-art Product Manager, the controls package offers users an easy-to-operate palletizer meeting current and future pattern needs.


SP4000 Montage

Watch the SP4000 stack cases, display packs and film only bundles.

SP4000 Stacking Spot Packs

Watch the SP4000 stack spot packs.

Palletizing High Wall Trays

Watch the SP4000 stack high wall trays of dip.

Fastest Row Forming Palletizer in the Industry

HL6200 meets current and future packaging needs with the easy to operate Product Manager HMI and layer forming features; making new layer patterns and alterations to existing patterns a breeze.


HL6200 Interview

Learn about the HL6200 from the 2015 Pack Expo interview.

Palletizing Beverage Bundles

Watch the HL6200 stack shrink film bundles of beverage bottles.

HL6200 Montage

HL6200 high speed, high level row forming palletizer stacks cases,trays and film only bundles.


Each of these modular machines can be upgraded to grow with your business, while versatile interfaces allow for seamless integration with your production equipment.

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