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System Integration

Turnkey solutions from Columbia Machine ensures maximum efficiency, smooth integration of all new equipment, and reliable interface with your existing components.

Complete System Integration

Incorporate complete system design, supply and installation from Columbia Machine, including case handling equipment, palletizers, pallet conveyor, wrappers, labelers and load stackers.

Robotic Palletizing

In partnership with Okura Yusoki, our state-of-the-art robotic palletizers have set the industry standard for decades.

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System Integration
System Integration

High Level Palletizing

We provide industry-leading safety, flexibility, and performance in their high level series of palletizers: HL2200, HL4200, and HL6200.

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Columbia Machine really handled the job well from the beginning. The Columbia team prepared a reasonable proposal that contained four FL100s, two robotic palletizers, and conveyor system work, met our budget constraints, and installed the equipment. I would recommend Columbia for future projects!
— - Ralph Freda, Ventura Foods

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