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Whether you need a quick tune-up or a complete overhaul, our Customer Care department is here to help.

Technicians Available When And Where You Need Them

With Columbia's customer care technicians available across the country, we are ready to install your project from start to finish. Our service technicians complete a rigorous training program, and receive ongoing training in the latest palletizing technologies. Our crews install palletizers, accessories and upstream or downstream equipment.

Service Contact Information

Field Service Scheduling


Tom Dolan
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 285

Manager, Customer Care


Tommy Thompson
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 412

Modifications Project Engineer


Aj Ragsdale
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 374

Modifications Technical Sales


Shayne Bader
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 284

Parts Sales


Lissy Tumlinson
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 378

Parts Sales


Rhonda Davenport
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 279

Preventative Maintenance Coordinator And Machine Manuals Specialist


Parker Morris-Pinson
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 669

Service Administrative Assistant


McKenzie Tate
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 510

Technical Support


Dmitriy Mishuk
+1 (360) 694-1501 Ext. 489

Call Us: 1 (800) 628-4065,
or (360) 694-1501

Latest Remote Access Modification From Columbia

eWON Modification

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more of us are working remotely than ever before. In this current situation, visits from outside vendors and service technicians are almost impossible. However, instant support for your palletizing and conveying solutions is still available.

Adding an eWON Cosy 131 offers remote machine access and allows Columbia Service Techs or your maintenance technicians to interact with the control system of your palletizer or conveyor system. eWON is a cloud-based service that provides a secure virtual private network (VPN) access to your automation system. Utilizing the eWON industrial VPN router, you can monitor or collect machine data as if you were connected directly to the machine. It allows remote access to help resolve machine issues quickly, saves thousands of dollars by avoiding costly service visits, increases valuable uptime, and reduces labor costs.

Get In Touch

Customers can choose to set up a free Talk2M account for access to the eWON or Columbia Machine can add the eWON to their account.
Call us at 1 (800) 628-4065, or (360) 694-1501

Modification Includes

  • eWON Cosy 131 VPN Router Module
  • Ethernet Cables
  • Tech Support is available Monday - Friday, 8am – 4pm PST
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    Modifications Catalog

    As your company grows and changes, it may be necessary to modify your equipment to meet the new challenges you face. A new product, package type or speed change may require modifications to your palletizing system.

    Image of a FL1000 floor level palletizer with stretch wrapper.

    Online Parts Ordering

    Columbia knows the importance of using genuine OEM parts over aftermarket replacement parts and is proud to offer parts support 24/7.

    Columbia Machine also offers genuine OEM parts from these reputable component brands: Rockwell Automation, Cone Drive, Banner Engineering, Parker Hannifin Corporation. Stock Columbia parts to minimize downtime and ensure optimum palletizer performance.

    Order Parts

    Palletizer Training

    Keep your plant operating at peak performance by training your operators and maintenance personnel to solve operational issues as they arise. We offer an array of state-of-the-art training options. Utilize an on-site Columbia trainer and learn through hands-on training. Formal classroom training with a PMMI Certified trainer is also available. Training can be customized to your specific needs. Ask us to perform a “training needs assessment” prior to training, to help define your objectives and allow us to develop customized materials for you.

    Training Topics Include
  • Safety
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Electrical Preventative Maintenance
  • Palletizer Controls
  • More Information
    Image of a Palletizer Training Class.