As the world’s premier palletizer manufacturer, we serve the food, beverage, chemical and consumer products industries. Our palletizing solutions stack the most challenging product types: shrink film only, display packs, small cases, cases, bales, trays, bundles, totes, plastic containers and more.


FL6200SW & OTTO SDV Interview

The FL6200SW can simultaneously stack and stretch wrap a wide variety of challenging package types including unwrapped trays, shrink pads, film-only bundles and more at speeds up to 100 cases per minute.

FL1000SW with Sheet Placement

FL1000SW stacking cases of wine with tier sheets placed between layers and stretch wrapped while palletizing continues.

HL7200 with Sheet Placement

HL7200 stacking cases of milk with tier sheets placed between layers.

Film Only

FL2000 Stacking Shrink Bundles

FL2000 Stacking shrink wrapped bundles of ice cream.

FL3000 Stacking Shrink Bundles

Watch the FL3000 stacking bundles of paint in an interlocking pattern.

SP4000 Stacking Spot Paks

Watch the SP4000 stack spot packs.


HL6000 - Shrink Wrapped Trays

Watch the HL6000 palletize shrink wrapped trays using the side shift.

HL9200 - Trays of Unwrapped Cans

Watch the HL9200 High Speed Palletizer stacking trays of unwrapped cans.

HL7200 - Trays of Cans

Watch the HL7200 stack trays of cans.

RPC / Crates / Totes

FL3000 Stacking Crates

Watch the FL3000 use a secondary squeeze to assist crates with nesting.

FL3000 Stacking Totes

Watch the FL3000 stack totes.

HL6000 Stacking Crates

Watch the HL6000 stack crates of sour cream.

Display Pack

FL3000 Stacking Display Packs of Juice

Watch the FL3000 stacking display packs of juice bottles.

HL6000 Stacking Display Packs

Watch the HL6000 palletizing display packs.

SP4000 Stacking Display Packs

Watch the SP4000 stack display packs of syrup.

Challenging Product Types, Easily Stacked.

We can help you stack most any package types with our palletizing solutions.

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