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High Speed Inline Palletizers

Columbia's inline palletizers provide an unmatched level of safety, flexibility, and performance.

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Optimum Flexibility. High Performance.

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High Speed Inline Palletizers
High Speed Inline Palletizers


Maximum Performance up to 200 cpm.

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Unmatched In Safety,
Flexibility, & Performance

Our easy-to-operate palletizers set the industry standard for speed and performance.

Why Choose an Inline Palletizer?

When the ultimate in throughput for dedicated high speed lines is required or when zero time, toolless changeover for multiline applications is needed, Columbia high speed inline palletizers are a perfect solution.

Image of cases inside of a HL9200 inline palletizer.
High Speed Inline Palletizers

With Columbia’s advanced Product Manager graphic-based HMI, our conventional palletizers offer unlimited pattern-forming capabilities and zero time — zero tool changeover. As an integrated systems solutions provider and home to the broadest palletizer product line of any conventional palletizer supplier, Columbia is sure to have a solution for all of your palletizing needs.

High Speed In-line Palletizer FAQs

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Request your free copy of The Science of Palletizing Book. The Science of Palletizing is a 72-page educational introduction to the basics of unit-load forming and is designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of palletizing.