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High Speed Inline Palletizers

Columbia's inline palletizers provide an unmatched level of safety, flexibility, and performance.

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Optimum Flexibility. High Performance.

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High Speed Inline Palletizers
High Speed Inline Palletizers


The HL9200 is our most advanced and highest speed palletizer. The HL9200 provides the ultimate in safety, flexibility, and performance.

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Image of cases inside of a HL9200 inline palletizer.

Why Choose a Conventional Palletizer?

Columbia Machine provides the most innovative and flexible palletizing solutions available. Columbia conventional palletizers handle virtually any package type including trays (wrapped or unwrapped), shrink-only bundles, RPCs, Totes, tab-lock cases, milk crates and so much more. With Columbia’s advanced Product Manager graphic-based HMI, our conventional palletizers offer unlimited pattern-forming capabilities and zero time — zero tool changeover. As an integrated systems solutions provider and home to the broadest palletizer product line of any conventional palletizer supplier, Columbia is sure to have a solution for all of your palletizing needs.

Free Science Of Palletizing Book

Request your free copy of The Science of Palletizing Book. The Science of Palletizing is a 72-page educational introduction to the basics of unit-load forming and is designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of palletizing.